3111 S Valley View Blvd Bldg A-220 #523, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA

Balloons Levitate Above the Dining Table 🎈

My son, Simon turned 6 this year ...

I am still in disbelief and constantly asking, “Where does all of the time go?”  It seems like yesterday when he was born.  Not only is he getting older before my eyes, that means I am getting older too.  (I always say every year is a blessing, so I consider it a good thing to get older and older). 

This year he wanted a party, an all day into night party…  an Outdoor Birthday Celebration.

I wanted this day to be special. 

I wanted him to remember his last Birthday before his six years. 

This is what I did in hopes that he will remember his special day.

To create a festive rainbow of color I filled the pergola with hanging WinkyBoom rainbow balloons.

Using different sizes of balloons created interest and dimension. 

Use ribbons to hang the balloons above the dining table at the same height;

the lighting fixture can beautifully emphasize the cloud with light accentuating the balloons rainbow`s colors.

I wanted to create a balloon ceiling and knew the globe lights at night would give a magical glow.

The lights and balloons were glowing. They worked great! It was exactly what I envisioned.

These are something really extraordinary, whimsical, almost torn from fairy tales; they help us shape our greatest memories through splendid decorations, they represent freedom, they summon a positive atmosphere and the child in us all.

credits: slipcoveredgrey