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As advertised, I received 10 each of the 10 different colors pictured. They're pretty and fairly durable, too. 

Yes, surely you can. These balloons are made with high quality natural latex. It is non-toxic material. They are safe to be used for children and don't have bad smell also. But remember - children under 8 yrs. can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. 

These are helium quality balloons. It means that they're very thick and strong. Much stronger than other balloons. You can fill it up with helium or air. By your choice. 

These hold air very well. In warm weather, latex balloons will typically only last outside for a day. Always under-inflate to allow balloons to expand when absorbing heat. But keep in mind that extreme heat speeds up the balloon leakage process. 

It depends how well it's sealed, how much helium is in it, and the external environment. (i.e. pressure and temperature). Hi-Float is a product which can be used to extend float time significantly. It’s a treatment, a bit like hand soap, for latex balloons and requires a dispenser pump to use. It works by coating the inside of the balloon creating a membrane to prevent helium escaping so quickly. Generally, last between 12-20 hours.

Yes. These are biodegradable balloons. They are made from natural latex rubber.

These are sturdy balloons. Weight about 2,8 gr per one, 12 inches when fully inflated.

These are not a super pearl. They do shine a little in the light not near as much as the pearl balloons. 

You can blow all of them up yourself with no pump or tools, etc. These balloons are easy to inflate. 

Inflatable size 12 inches, great teardrop shape and nice thick latex. It is a perfect size for any party decoration. Rainbow colors are very shiny.